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We invite you to follow us and join our growing community of creative individuals, aspiring professionals, and lovers of movement. 



Email us for more details on how to join 


Why should you join our preprofessional performance company? 

     We have a mission to bring positive change to individuals, challenge, and encourage dancers. We aim to share stories and experiences along our dance journey to create authentic connections and grow as performers to amplify our energies and take on greater opportunities. Furthermore, in our performance team, we carry out rehearsals similar to professional dance groups to introduce the expectations of working professionally.  This program is designed for hardworking intermediate to advanced dancers looking for a challenge and eager for growth.


The Owner

Our owner/director Janelle has professional experience, including The Los Angeles Rams Cheer Team, Laker Girls, Super Bowl LIII, French Montana, YG, Disney Entertainment, Unity Dance Ensemble, Choreographer, and Lead Creative Director of The Revue, and much more. She also has a degree in Dance from one of the top conservatory dance programs in the world and is also a certified group fitness instructor. Be a part of our team so we can learn and grow together.



The 2023 season begins on January 4th. Commitment is only one rehearsal a week to prepare for our Dance showcase, House of

Play and other community performances. Rehearsals are held Wednesdays, Mondays, or Thursdays at 8:30 pm in Pacific Beach. Dancers will be assigned one rehearsal day. Dancers must also take a heels drop-in class weekly. The program is designed to support hardworking individuals, so if you meet the instructor halfway, we will offer you support. Dancers will also have the opportunity to be in other filmed dance projects, performance gigs, professional photoshoots, and preprofessional training outside of rehearsal. The program also supports dancers preparing for professional work by walking through the process of building a dance reel and making a resume. Dancers will also have the optional opportunity to travel to LA for industrial Head Shots.



Tuition is $125 a month. This includes unlimited dance classes, rehearsals, filmed projects and footage, photoshoots, and more. 

Scholarships are available for dancers based on financial need and talent. Email for more information.

Terms and Conditions

By purchasing this company dance package, you agree to the following terms:

Communication Agreement

I agree to make communication between myself and the instructors of PHH as open as possible by providing an e-mail address I know to be current. Furthermore, I agree to check e-mails/texts/band frequently so that I may see any updates from my instructor.


Commitment Agreement

All PHH company classes are considered performing classes. I acknowledge my commitment to participate in the performances and am prepared to make preparations. We understand this includes being committed till May 15th and attending class each week. Furthermore, we commit to attending all dress rehearsals, filmed, and live performances. Dancers commit to arriving on time and in good spirits, and ready to participate. Dancers that drop from the company before a showcase will owe a $75 restaging fee.


Property Agreement

All class choreography and materials are the sole property of PHH and may not be used for personal purposes outside of class unless written permission has been received from Janelle Murphy.


Release of Liability

I am the student named above (hereinafter “the Student”).  I understand that there are known dangers and/or risks associated with the Student’s participation in the above-written program, including all practices, performances, and activities.  In consideration of the Student being allowed to participate in the program, I hereby release PHH and other representatives, instructors, and/or volunteers from PHH  from all claims, damages, actions, lawsuits, or judgments that I may have or hereafter have arising out of the Student’s participation in the program.  Further, I agree to defend and indemnify PHH from all claims by any person or entity arising from the Student’s participation in the program.


Photography Release

I, the Student, grant unrestricted rights to PHH for publishing photographs or recordings of the Student for commercial, promotion, competition, or other purposes.



Policy Agreement

1, I agree that I have read PHH Policies and understand and accept their content.  They are listed below.  I agree to all the conditions mentioned in the Policies.



Weekly Class Expectations


Each week students are expected to:


*Arrive 5 minutes early so the class can start on time.


*Arrive in proper class attire and ready to begin (see instructor for details).


*Inform the instructor if you cannot make it to your class.


Class Sizes and Waiting List

Class sizes are set at a specific number for teachers and students to have an optimal experience. We keep classes small so that the student-to-teacher ratio provides the best learning possible.  Spots are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once a class is full, a student may be added to a waiting list. If a student withdraws, their spot is not guaranteed to be saved if you wish to re-enroll later.


Makeup Privates

Make-up Privates are offered if you miss a class due to illness or other personal reasons. The student is responsible for contacting Janelle to arrange for a makeup private.  Privates are $80 a session and may be shared with another student. A full month's tuition is due even if a class is missed for personal reasons and whether or not a makeup class was attended. PHH does not pro-rate.


Tuition Due


Tuition for the entire month is due by the date of your registration. It will be required to sit out of class until the tuition has been paid. Monthly automatic payments may pay tuition.  A full month's tuition is due even if a class is missed for personal reasons and whether or not a makeup class was attended. PHH does not pro-rate.


Credit Card/Bank Account Agreement

By registering and paying for Play Hard Heels (PHH) classes, events, services, or products, I hereby authorize Play Hard Heels to charge my credit card or bank account in advance for all applicable fees incurred by me in connection with my chosen service and registration. I hereby understand and agree that in most cases,  PHH will be charging my designated credit card or bank account in accordance with the payment schedule of the service for which I have registered. I further understand and agree that it is my responsibility to notify  PHH of any changes to my credit card or bank account or if my credit card has expired otherwise, my access to the Service may be discontinued or interrupted. All fees shall be paid in U.S. dollars.


Live and Filmed Performance Participation

All students in the company are encouraged and expected to participate in the performances. The students work hard, and the performances are the pinnacle point of the season.   Any student who wishes not to be included in the performances must inform the instructor in written format before they begin to learn the dances that will be performed. All performance fees, costume fees, and tuition must be paid to perform. Tuition needs to be current, up through the performance date to participate. Students must participate in a predetermined number of classes leading to any performance. This may vary by instructor and season. Monthly class totals will include weekly classes and performances. Students must wear their assigned costumes to be included in any given performance. All students must wear black Burju Stiletto heels of their choice. Company members can use the code “Burju.Janelle’ for a discount on their shoes. Our first live show will be held on May 6th. Our Filmed performance is TBD.


Further Acknowledgments


I understand that the terms of this Release are contractually and legally binding upon the above-named student and me and that no verbal statement to the contrary by any person can void or change the terms of this release.


I have read this Release and PHH’s Policy page and fully understand its contents.




Registration is completed through  Please check each class designated Class Location and Registration on the WEBSITE.



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