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The Owner

         Born and raised in Southern California, Janelle is an experienced performer, instructor, and choreographer. Under her belt, she has earned a degree in Dance and Neuroscience with a minor in Hearing and Speech Psychological sciences. She is a certified group fitness instructor with experience from multiple training facilities. Janelle's dance experience includes The Los Angeles Rams Cheer Team, Laker Girls, Super Bowl LIII, French Montana, YG, Disney Entertainment, Unity Dance Ensemble, Choreographer, and Lead Creative Director of The Revue, and much more. Janelle aspires to help any dancer who steps into her class feel confident, expand their artistry, and create a safe, welcoming, community.

Who We Are


Play Hard Heels is an adult performance dance company. We offer regularly scheduled classes for adults in styles ranging from heels, jazz, hip hop, and more! We refer to this company as a team, meaning the director, as well as the dancers, collaborate to create great entertaining content. We aim to learn from each other, build an uplifting community, and work as a team to achieve our individual goals.

Play Hard Heels supports the San Diego Arts Community by performing and collaborating with other artists and dance companies. 

Aside from our community ambitions, we hope to prepare young adults for professional dance work. In our performance team, we carry rehearsals similar to professional dance groups to introduce the expectations of working professionally. 


What We Believe


Everyone loves to experience dance. Perhaps you like to perform in front of people and show the skills you have honed and trained for years. Perhaps you like to dance with other people, holding them close or moving in synch with a group as well as participate in an encouraging community. Or perhaps you like to dance for yourself to release endorphins as a way to appreciate music and your body and even pursue a more confident self. Here, we hope to encourage all these reasons to dance.

We believe in teamwork, community, and inclusivity at the core of our values. We aim to build a program that expands your dance knowledge and offers a place for adults to continue dancing in a safe setting.

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